Department of Psychology and Welfare,
Psychology and Welfare Major

Features of the Psychology and Welfare Major

Utilizing the Knowledge of Psychology in the Field of Welfare and Education, while Nurturing Leaders who Can Solve Human Relationship Problems.

In order to handle the various types of welfare and human relationships problems that exist in the local community, at school, and at the workplace, there is an increasing demand for talented persons who have both skills in psychology and social welfare expertise and can make alliances with local welfare organizations and relevant personnel.
The Psychology Welfare Course equips its students with "expertise in social welfare" and "specialization in psychology" so that they can construct support systems in the community.
Students who take the course cultivate the skills they need to provide consultation to all types of people who need mental support as well as contribute to a wide range of welfare and education fields.

Academic characteristics

1.Ability to Learn the Fields of Welfare, Psychology, and Education in an Interdisciplinary Fashion.

All students are provided with the opportunity to acquire certification as a social worker as well as learn the fields of psychology and education. Students who are interested also have the opportunity to obtain qualification in the field of psychology as a certified psychologist as well as acquire a teacher's license in the field of education for teaching at junior and senior high schools as well as at special support schools. Our flexible curriculum enables students to study a broad range of fields.

2.Training and Volunteer Activities Directed by Staff Members who Have Abundant Realworld Experience.

Students are guided by our expert staff who have abundant real-world experience in the fields of psychology, education, and welfare. Students have the opportunity to take advantage of various training activities that are implemented each academic year such as volunteer activities, social welfare training, and teaching practice. These activities help equip the students with the real-life skills they need to be successful in each specialized field.

3.Opportunity to Acquire Counseling Skills.

All students in the Psychology Welfare Course learn the theory and techniques related to counseling and work toward acquiring certification as a Peer Helper while attending university classes. In the fields of education and welfare, students master the basic skills they need to communicate and make relationships with people.

Curriculum of the Psychology and Welfare Major

Basic Educational Subjects

  • • Psychology
  • • Ethics
  • • Sociology
  • • Political Science
  • • Computers
  • • Life Welfare Engineering
  • • Foreign Language
  • • Skiing
  • • Snowboarding

Social Welfare Subjects

  • • Elderly Care
  • • Welfare for the Disabled
  • • Child Welfare
  • • Welfare for Low-income Persons
  • • Community Welfare
  • • Social Security
  • • Social Work

Psychology Subjects

  • • Child Psychology
  • • Psychology Laboratory Training
  • • Personality Psychology
  • • Psychotherapy
  • • Clinical Psychology Training

Teaching Profession Subjects

  • • Educational Psychology
  • • Educational Sociology
  • • Principles of Education
  • • Life Coaching Theory
  • • Teaching Methods for Special Activities
  • • Civics Education Methods
  • • Social Studies Education Methods
  • • Welfare Education Methods
  • • Curriculum Theory
  • • Practical Teaching Training

Special Support Education Subjects

  • • Education for Mentally Handicapped Children
  • • Education for Physically Disabled Children
  • • Teaching Methods for Persons with Vision and Hearing Disabilities
  • • Educational Theory for the Ailing and Infirm
  • • Teaching Methods for Persons with Multiple Disabilities

Training Subjects

  • • Social Work Training
  • • Teaching Practice
     (junior high schools, high schools, and special support schools)
  • • School Social Work Training

List of Certifications

  • • Junior High School Teacher's License(social studies based)
  • • High School Teacher's License (civil and welfare based)
  • • Special Support School Teacher's License
  • • Social Worker(examination based certification)
  • • Social Welfare Officer Appointment Certification
  • • Certified Psychologist
  • • Peer Helper(examination based certification)
  • • Vocational Counselor(examination based certification)
  • • School Social Worker

Career Opportunities

  • • Junior and Senior High School Field of Education
  • • Special Support School Field of Education
  • • Facilities for Children
  • • Graduate School Enrollment
  • • Civil Servant and Public Organizations
  • • Facilities for the Disabled
  • • Facilities for the Elderly
  • • Rehabilitation Centers
  • • General Corporate Careers